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Renee siting in a leather chair with glass of red wine laughing

Your Guide to Wine for Every Holiday Occasion | Holr Magazine

For wine lovers, the complement to any holiday occasion is a great wine pairing. While some great pairings hinge on food and wine complements. Sometimes a fabulous wine experience matches the feel of the evening. Whether you are wine curious or a serious enthusiast, this is your wine guide filled

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People harvesting grapes in a vineyard

New Doc, Who Dis? | Monarch.Wine

Although established in 2011, the DOC of Villamagna is still the new-kid-on-the-block in Abruzzo. Named after a quaint medieval village in the province of Chieti, Abruzzo Villamagna’s literal translation is big farm, in Latin. The DOC includes the entire commune of Villamagna, alongside parts of the Bucchianico and Vacri communes.

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Plant based amarula liquor

Bartending at Home with Amarula Plant-Based | Holr Magazine

Silky, rich, and now entirely plant-based, Amarula is a South African cream liqueur that brings the flavour of Marula fruit to life. Now available on LCBO shelves, Amarula Plant-Based is unlike any other cream liqueur. Crafted from gathered Marula fruits that fall from their tree-top perches during the summer months

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A orchard with trees growing grapes

Curious About Zinfandel | Holr Magazine

All American? No wait, Italian? Sorry, Croatian! Zinfandel is a grape that has travelled the world and picked up a couple of aliases along the way. This grape is known for its ability to make a range of wine styles, from lighter and more medium body productions to a fuller

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Renée at a table eating strawberries with 5 bottles of wine

5 Strawberry and Wine Pairings that Will Blow your Mind | Holr Magazine

Many of us have delicious memories of strawberries – looking back, the nostalgia of family strawberry-picking is still a vivid memory for me. But fully embodying the superfruit title, California strawberries are more than just delicious. Seriously, these heart-shaped berries are one of the healthiest fresh fruits on earth. Energy-boosting

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