Renée leaning on stairs with a glass of wine

Work with Renée

Campaigns are crafted to fit any size and intention.

From promoting a whole region to a selection of wineries or just one brand, the Wine by Renée campaign strategy mixes and matches work across the portfolio to develop a plan to fit a client’s budget and needs. Campaigns can be one off productions or a year-long project, it is all about what suits you best.

Campaigns can include a selection of services, including:

– TV features on Cityline and CHCH

– YouTube Video projects

– Curated wine writing in publications that range from local to global

– Social media features with available targeting boosting

– As well as events and seminars - Social Media Campaign Example

Gérard Bertrand 2022 Campaign

This campaign was to showcase the wines of Gérard Bertrand. Done through a combination of social media postings, an article feature in Holr Magazine and two feature slots on Cityline segments throughout 2022, from June to November.

The World of Rosé with Gérard Bertrand in Holr Magazine

The World of Rosé with Gérard Bertrand

Holr Magazine //  August 13, 2022
Rosé, a wine style that ranges from fun to serious in the world of wine, has deep roots in our collective drinking culture.
Campaign Postings From June to November 2022
Cityline Segment Features in October and November

How to Tell if your Wine is Eco-Friendly

Cityline //  November 3, 2022
Sommelier and wine communicator Renee Sferrazza shows how to pick our wine and spirits to have a better eco-footprint. “They work with the Canada trees foundation!”

4 gadgets that will improve the taste of your wine

Cityline //  October 3, 2022
Sommelier Renee Sferrazza rounds up the coolest wine gadgets you didn’t know you needed. “Raise your hand if you think wine makes an excellent gift!”