Get to Know Your Palate, Start Drinking Academically

Everyone has their go-to wine, that tried and true that’s never a letdown. However, there are thousands of different grapes and a multitude of styles made around the world. From both warm and cool climates and produced in an array of varying winemaking practises, no matter if you are a fan of red, white, rose, […]

Enjoying Your Favourite Restaurants at Home

The past couple of months at home have had ups and downs. It is hard not to admit that I miss going out to my favourite spots for a glass of wine that I don’t have in my cellar paired with a meal I love. On the flip side, it is enjoyable to see restaurants […]

A Sommelier’s Recommendations for Wine Delivery

It is unsurprising to see resilience in the restaurant business, given that this industry is often asked to pivot on a dime and make the best of every situation. Two servers called in sick. No problem! That table for 6 is now 8. No worries! We will find space, we will make it happen, we […]

Staying Home and Drinking Local

Ontario’s Wineries Got You Covered Rallying around our communities brings us all together, supporting local businesses is more important now than ever. This time is the perfect opportunity to explore what our local communities have to offer. Great wines are made all around the world, including in Ontario. With countless styles and contactless delivery available […]

All-In Wines, From Grapes to the First Vintage

Sommelier David Ouellette, Wine Salesman Steve Neuhof, and Winemaker William Hoare are making their own wine. The Sommelier, Salesman and Winemaker bring insights from across the wine world together as they make their first vintage of low intervention, unique wines under the name All-In Wines. Beginning this past year, the endeavour has become a passion […]

Support Local!

Restaurants in Ontario can now offer wine, beer and spirits with your take-out or delivery order! Whether delivered to your door or picked up at your restaurant of choice, having these new options added to take out menus opens the full experience when dining at home. Now you can order your favourite wine to go […]

What to Pour First?

From Sparkling to Fortified, wine comes in a range of styles, colours and alcohol levels. No matter if you are having a dinner party, out for the evening, or just enjoying bottles at home serving wines in the right progression will allow you to enjoy each to the fullest. Pairings aside if you are drinking […]

Wine Adventures in Prince Edward County

Just a short drive out of Toronto is one of Ontario’s best cool climate wine regions, Prince Edward County. ‘The County’, as it’s lovingly called, was Ontario’s secret wine oasis. A not so much best kept secret anymore and for good reasons! The wines coming from here are phenomenal productions too good to be kept […]

Wine Pairings for Every Course

When choosing wine pairings it can be hard to know which wines to pair with type dishes you have made. With sparkling, white, rosé and red wines to choose from the options can seem endless. Here are some recommendations for any dish, including wine pairing for everything from snack and hors d’oeuvres, to main dishes […]

Wines of South Africa through Pinotage

Interview with Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright, Cape Wine Master The revival of Pinotage continues! Jennifer Ratcliffe-Wright paints an engaging visual of Pinotage. The Cape Wine Master’s class showed a retrospective of the grape, communicating the passion she has for Cape region wines.  Her class flowed through the history of Pinotage with ease, laying out all the details […]