What to Pour First?

From Sparkling to Fortified, wine comes in a range of styles, colours and alcohol levels. No matter if you are having a dinner party, out for the evening, or just enjoying bottles at home serving wines in the right progression will allow you to enjoy each to the fullest. Pairings aside if you are drinking […]

Wine Pairings for Every Course

When choosing wine pairings it can be hard to know which wines to pair with type dishes you have made. With sparkling, white, rosé and red wines to choose from the options can seem endless. Here are some recommendations for any dish, including wine pairing for everything from snack and hors d’oeuvres, to main dishes […]

Wines that Jive with Everything at the Table

When dinner has many options on the table go with wines that will pair well with as many foods as possible. My recommendations are to serve selections across different wine styles that go with whatever is served. Sparkling wines and rosés pair well across a range of food styles. Stick to white wines that are […]