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Sommelier, TV Wine Personality, Wine Writer,
Content Creator, & Advisor For All Things Wine!

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All About Renée Sferrazza

Wine is my passion and the journey is never-ending. My goal is always to tell the stories behind the glass. How a wine was made, who made it, and what you can experience in the glass. From my work in social media to my writing style and even on TV wine personality, I try to show that wine is for everyone by breaking down the world of wine into simple sips.

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Work with Renée

From promoting a whole region to a selection of wineries or just one brand, the Wine by Renée campaign strategy mixes and matches work across the portfolio to develop a plan to fit a client’s budget and needs.
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Client Partnerships At Home & Abroad

Working with 20 different winemaking countries, 15 wineries and counting, major Ontario wine importers and 10+ organizations